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CBD/CBDV Full Spectrum Tincture 3500 mg


30 mL Full Spectrum CO2 oil. 3500mg (2000mg CBD and 1500 mg CBDV) in an MCT oil base. <0.3% THC USDA Certified Organic. GMP Certified. CBDV is a rare cannabinoid that has just recently been brought to the public market and can help with a whole list of ailments, similar to CBD.

CBDV/CBD Full Spectrum Tincture 3500mg is high-quality potent oil and it has been tested for purity. There is limited inventory, so act fast. We are the farmer!! Go to the source and get the quality you deserve for the price you need. Call for orders over 50 units.

What Do CBD And CBDV Collectively Offer?

CBDV, are combined in our 3500 mg CBD Full Spectrum Tincture. Macon Acres only sells the highest quality hemp products on the market thanks to their use of Organic Farming methods. And extensive third-party testing, and cutting-edge processing techniques.

2 reviews for CBD/CBDV Full Spectrum Tincture 3500 mg

  1. mivod63970


  2. J.M.

    The first CBD product I have tried that actually works. Relieves my knee pain and gives me a calm peaceful feeling. Great Product!

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